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The shipping for this item is based on weight and present USPS shipping charges. Returns are accepted only if the item is defective out of the box (DOA). Buyer must notify seller and return ship the item within 10 days; buyer is responsible for return shipping charges. All packages will be shipped with insurance coverage and receipt confirmation number. In the unlikely event that your package is lost while in transit to you, the package and its contents will be replaced by the carrier. Sorry, but no refunds will be issued on lost packages. All shipments are F.O.B. Shipping Point and become the property of the receiver upon being turned over to the carrier. If you receive merchandise that was damaged in transit, you should contact postal carrier directly. Leave the item in its original containers and all packing materials. Carrier will inspect the item and will reimburse for the damages. Customer accepts that all damages are the responsibility of the carrier and that all items shipping by APImart were sent in good condition. All damages must be reported to carrier within 3 days of receipt of your package. All claims for shortages to your item must be made within 3 days of receipt of your package. We reserve the right to correct any mistake or replace any missing item. We Ship inside the continental United Stated and Internationally. International customers incur $6 handling charges. Physical addresses ONLY (Please no P.O. boxes, military bases, etc.) Payment is payable by  using Paypal, Money orders, Cashiers Certified Check in the mail will be cleared before product is released. 




New Old Stock Tubes (NOS):  The prices listed on this web site for vintage NOS tubes are our current prices for new old stock (NOS) tubes.

Used Tubes:  Our vintage used tubes can be typically purchased for one half (50%) or less of the NOS pricing on this web site.  Rarer used tubes such as globe/balloon style or audio tubes may be at a premium price greater than 50% of the NOS tubes.

Brand Selections:  Selections of a specific tube brand are described in the tube listing, if available. No extra charge is incurred for designating a brand preference please indicate with your tube order which brand to send.

Matching:  We will match tubes where adequate supply exists for an additional $2.00 per tube.  Power output tubes are matched by both transconductance and plate current within 5% at a fixed operating point.  Other tubes are matched within 5% transconductance at a fixed operating point.

QUALITY:  Every NOS and USED tube we sell is tested prior to shipment to meet or exceed industry standard requirements before it is shipped.  We mark each tube we sell with a unique stamp, invisible to the naked eye, which allows us to confirm that our tubes have passed our testing process and also to qualify any tubes that may be returned by our customers.

WARRANTY: Each NOS or used Radio vacuum tube is guaranteed for a period of 30 days from our invoice date. The exception to this is if the tube is broken or damaged after our shipment or when tubes are used in applications that exceed manufacturer's specified ratings, such as sweep tubes in power amplifiers, etc. Tubes outside of their warranty period will not be taken back under any circumstance.

CHECKING YOUR TUBE PURCHASE: Please check your tube purchase upon receipt.  We need to be notified at once if there is a mechanical defect and within the warranty period if the tube electrically fails.  Please obtain a Returned Material Authorization (RMA) number and return the tube for evaluation by our technical staff.  The "defective" tube must be returned in the same tube box that it was shipped in along with a letter explaining the tube's problem. After evaluation, we will contact you regarding credit or replacement

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