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11708A 30 dB Attenuator Pad Reference - 50 MHz
The Agilent 11708A 30 dB attenuator is supplied with 8480 series power sensors with the "D" suffi..
1506A Broadband Resistive Power divider dc to 18.0 GHz
Features   Download specification sheet here Accurate Division and Low Frequ..
33311B, HP RF Coaxial Switch DC to 18 GHz
Agilent/HP 33311B SPDT Coaxial Switch The HP 33311B is a SPDT with exceptional isolation (&g..
Directional 10 dB SMA Coupler From 1 GHz To 2 GHz Rated To 50 Watts
From Pasternack Enterprises Inc is a Directional Coupler - rf coupler with Frequency 1000 to 2000..
HUBER+SUHNER type N 50 ohm Termination 1W
  HUBER+SUHNER type N 50 ohm Termination 1W   Nominal Impeda..
M/A-COM Attenuator 2082-6173-10 SMA 10dB DC-4GHz
Attenuator, manufactured by M/A-Com. Connectors are SMA.  Attenuation10dB, Frequency DC to 4..
N-type Narda DC-18GHz (F) short, 230-412
N-type Narda DC-18GHz short Female, 230-412 download datasheet here ..
N-type Narda DC-18GHz (M) short, 230-416
N-type Narda DC-18GHz short Male, 230-416 download datasheet here ..
Narda 0.5 to 1.0 GHz 20 dB Directional Coupler, 4011C-20
The directional coupler has become a virtually indispensable measurement tool. It provides a simp..
Narda 765-20, 50Watt Type N Power Attenuators DC--5GHz
This is a 20dB Type N Medium Power Bi-Directional Fixed Coaxial Attenuator, Bandpath is from DC t..
Narda Microwave 771-10 dB Fixed Coaxial Attenuator
Condition: Used / Guarantee N Male / Female Connectors DC to 3 GHz 50-Ohm ..
Wiltron 73N50 RF Detector 100KHz to 4GHz
Wiltron RF Detectors are available in a variety of frequency ranges, impedances, output polaritie..

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