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3-Way Wall Switch Module - WS4777
Description: For control of any light that is operated by two or more switches. Upgrades your exi..
CR12A, ScanPad Remote
Lets you control up to 16 lights and appliances remotely from across the room or the other side o..
DS10A Smart Door & Window Sensor
When a door or window is opened, this expert Sensor wirelessly signals any X10 Home Security Syst..
HR12A, Palm Pad Wireless Controller
The HR12A lets you control up to 16 lights and appliances remotely from across the room or the ot..
LM15A-C Screw-in SocketRocket module
A great addition to any X10 system. Control a lamp and a light fixture, requiring a normal l..
MS10A, Wireless Motion Sensor - Detector
Turn on the alarm, and this battery-operated motion detector wirelessly activates a siren and fla..
MS13A, HawkEye Motion Sensor
The Hawkeye Motion Sensors (MS13A) are small, sleek and very powerful! They supercharge any home ..
SH624, Master Remote Aids Security
 The Powerhouse Security and Home Control Remote is ideal for use with any X10 security cons..
Universal Relay Module, UM506
This module uses isolated contacts to control such low voltage devices as sprinkler systems, drap..
X10 Home Security Small PowerHorn Siren , PSH02
These piercing, plug-in sirens can be added anywhere around the home. They work with any X10 secu..
X10 VCR Commander UX23A
The new VCR Commander learns a sequence of up to 4 different IR commands (labeled PWR, REC, PLAY,..
ZB11A, XCam2 Battery Pack
With the XCam2 Battery Pack, your XCam2 Video Camera is now completely wireless -- combining wire..

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